Isaak A. Mengesha

Ph.D. Candidate at the Computational Science Lab.


Room L6.24

Science Park 900

1098 XH Amsterdam

As a Ph.D. candidate at the Computational Science Lab, my work intersects several fields of study, including economics, physics, and computer science. These fields intersect yet remain distinct. I’m motivated by the goal of improving methodologies that provide guidance for policy-making and economic development, specifically in the context of development, global poverty, and collective decision-making.

Starting from an interest in complex systems within biology, which led me to study physics and molecular modeling techniques, I expanded my skills in generating and interpreting models. I then observed that such approaches are underutilized in the social sciences, particularly in understanding the emergence of cooperation and policy processes.

My current research focuses on three key questions: methodologies that allow for the effective aggregation of information from various sources into one consistent model, identifying the appropriate scales for analyzing economic development, and understanding the conditions that lead to coordination failure in social systems.


Dec 8, 2023 Submission of first paper! Preprint will follow! :sparkles: :smile:
Jun 22, 2023 Won a mug at the Oxford Summer School in Economic Networks with my project group.
Jul 7, 2022 Attended Summer School on Mathematics of Complex Social Systems

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